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As a 52 year old male with a good fitness, competing in Triathlon of all distances, my back injury came as a bit of an inconvenience to say the least.

I was recommended to see Mr Gnanalingham by a previous patient of his, who was also a GP.

My disc had ruptured and was causing leg pain as well as a 50% reduction in the strength in my left leg.  At my consultation every option was explained.  Once I decided to have the operation, my time in hospital and the operation went according to plan.  The likely post-operative issues had been explained prior to the operation, so there were no surprises.

In fact it was a surprise as to how painless my recovery was.  Once home I did contact Mr Gnanalingham by email with a few questions, which were answered promptly.

1 year on from the operation, I am able to practice Yoga 3 times a week and partake in a group circuit training class twice a week.  I consider myself to be back to normal and to that I thank Mr Gnanalingham.