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General Publications

  1. Review article: The trigeminocardiac reflex (TCR): An update of the current knowledge. Schaller B, Prabhakar H, Koerbel A, Gnanalingham KK, Cornelius JF, Sandu N, Ottaviani G, Filis A, Buchfelder M for the Trigemino-Cardiac Reflex Examination Group (TCREG) (2009) Journal of Neurosurgical Anaesthesiology. 21 : 187-195.
  2. A 30 year perspective of the quality of evidence published in 25 clinical journals : Signs of change?. Gnanalingham GM, Robinson SG, Hawley DP, Gnanalingham KK, (2006) Postgraduate Medical Journal 82 : 397-99  (Read more..) 
  3. Quality of clinical studies in Neurosurgical journals: Signs of improvement over three decades? Gnanalingham KK, Tysome J, Martinez-Canca, J, Barazi SA (2005) J Neurosurgery 103 : 439-443.
  4. The impact of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in a Neurosurgical unit: A growing problem. Gnanalingham KK, Elsaghier A, Kibbler C, Shieff C (2003) Journal of Neurosurgery 98 : 8-13.
  5. Motor and cognitive function in Lewy Body Dementia: comparison with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Gnanalingham KK, Byrne EJ, Thornton A, Sambrook M and Bannister P (1997) Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 62 : 243-252
  6. Clock-face drawing to differentiate Lewy body and Alzheimer type dementia syndromes. Gnanalingham KK, Byrne EJ and Thornton A (1996) Lancet 347 : 696-697
  7. The usefulness of surgical out-patient follow-up from the perspective of the Patient, their General Practitioner and Surgeon. Gnanalingham KK, Williams GT (2004) Journal of Surgery 2 : 19-21.
  8. Attitudes to the use of prophylaxis for thrombo-embolism in Neurosurgical patients. Gnanalingham KK, JP Holland (2003) Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 10 : 467-469.
  9. An audit of audits: Are we completing the cycle?. Gnanalingham J, Gnanalingham MG and Gnanalingham KK (2001) Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 94 : 288-289.
  10. Day case hernia repair under local versus general anaesthesia: patient preferences. Gnanalingham KK, Budhoo M (1998) Ambulatory Surgery 6; 227-9.
  11. Are we over-investigating Appendicitis? Gnanalingham KK, Biddlecombe G, Hancock BD (1997) Lancet 349 : 1918

Our Principles

•   Patient first

•   Compassionate  care

•   Informed choice

•   Modern surgical techniques

•   Minimally Invasive  Surgery

•   Faster  recovery

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