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Pituitary Results

The neurosurgery department in Manchester is one of the busiest units in the country, undertaking surgery for Pituitary abnormalities.

Mr Gnanalingham is the lead consultant for Pituitary surgery in Manchester and introduced the endoscopic technique to the region.

His surgical outcomes are externally audited and the published results are comparable to the best  pituitary centres around the world.

Some of the main results are summarised below.

National Neurosurgical Audit data on Pituitary surgery numbers

In this national audit, most number of pituitary surgeries were recorded in Manchester and in this regard Mr Gnanalingham was one of the busiest surgeons in the UK.
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Learning curve and visual recovery after Pituitary surgery

This peer reviewed publication from Manchester confirm excellent results with respect to visual recovery after pituitary surgery and evidence of a learning curve for the surgeon.
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Cure rates in Growth hormone producing Pituitary tumours

In a recent study of patients undergoing surgery for growth hormone producing pituitary tumours under Mr Gnanalingham, the remission rate (ie ‘the surgical cure’) has improved to ~70% in Manchester. These results are comparable to some of the well known large pituitary centres across the world.
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Nasal symptoms after Pituitary surgery

In this study of patients undergoing endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumours under Mr Gnanalingham, post-operative nasal symptoms were noted to be relatively mild and short lived.
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