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Spine Publications

  1. Notochordal and nucleus pulposus marker expression is maintained by sub-populations of adult human nucleus pulposus cells through aging and degeneration. Richardson SM, Ludwinski FE, Gnanalingham KK, Atkinson RA, Freemont AJ, Hoyland JA (2017) Nature Scientific Reports (online) (Read more..)
  2. Qualitative grading of disc degeneration by magnetic resonance in the lumbar and cervical spine: lack of correlation with histology in surgical cases. Davies BM, Atkinson RA, Ludwinski F, Freemont AJ, Hoyland JA, Gnanalingham KK (2016) British Journal of Neurosurgery. 21:1-8.
  3. Primary stiffness of a modified transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion cage with integrated screw fixation: cadaveric biomechanical study. Keiler A, Schmoelz W, Erhart S, Gnanalingham K (2014) Spine 39(17) : E994-E1000.
  4. Day Case Lumbar Discectomy – Viable option in the UK? Abou-Zeid A, Palmer J, Gnanalingham KK (2014) British J Neurosurgery. 28 : 320-3  (Read more..) 
  5. Understanding the native nucleus pulposus cell phenotype has important implications for intervertebral disc regeneration strategies. Ludwinski FE, Gnanalingham K, Richardson SM, Hoyland JA (2013) Regenerative Medicine 8 : 75-87  (Read more..)
  6. Improving levels of evidence in studies published in spinal journals from 1983 to 2011. Gnanalingham KK, Davies BM, Balamurali G, Titoria P, Doyle P, Abou-Zeid A (2013) British J Neurosurgery. 27 : 152-5  (Read more..) 
  7. Increased Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase 10, Nerve Growth Factor and Substance P in the Painful Degenerate Intervertebral Disc. Richardson SM, Doyle P, Minogue BM, Gnanalingham KK, Hoyland JA (2009) Arthritis Research & Therapy, 11:R126
  8. Quality of life assessment using the Short form-12 (SF12) questionnaire in patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy: Comparison with SF36. Singh A, Gnanalingham KK, Casey A, Crockard A (2006) Spine 31 : 639-43  (Read more..) 
  9. Use of quantitative assessment scales in cervical spondylotic myelopathy – Survey of clinician’s attitudes. Singh A, Gnanalingham KK, Casey A, Crockard A (2005) Acta Neurochirurgica 147 : 1235-8  (Read more.. ) 
  10. Back pain and disability following lumbar laminectomy – Is there a relationship to muscle retraction? Datta G, Gnanalingham KK, Peterson D, Mendoza N, O’Neill K, Van Dellen J, McGregor A, Hughes SPF (2004) Neurosurgery 54 : 1413-20  (Read more.. ) 

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