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In 2010 I was referred to the Neurosurgery department after trying numerous ways to relieve neck pain and return feeling to my left arm and hand.  I was placed in the care of Mr Gnanalingham and was advised to undergo surgery in order to try to prevent the problem spreading to my right hand and reduce the pain.  No promises could be made but I was hopeful that more feeling would be returned to my left hand also.  I then underwent two operations within 2 years and am pleased to say that at the present time, 2017, I have no problem with either pain in my neck or numbness on my right side, and I have gained some additional feeling in my left hand.

I have also had problems with deterioration of my lower spine and visit Mr G at approximately 6 monthly intervals for Epidural injections.  These are carried out within a half day and apart from a slight, sharp prick from the anaesthetic, are relatively painless and give a reasonable period of relief.

I am continuing with the epidural injections for as long as possible and would always wish this to be done by Mr G.  In my opinion he is an extremely caring and considerate man as well as being a highly competent surgeon.

It is worth noting that a fellow surgeon of Mr G’s said if he ever had to undergo an operation of this nature he would wish it to be done by Mr G.